[23 Chuseok] Room Spray Mini Trio

50ml X 3

[Exclusive Chuseok Season Offer] Moonlight Message Card

NONFICTION Room Spray Mini Trio showcases the three signature fragrances from NONFICTION Home Fragrance line. Enjoy the gentle mist dispersing exquisite scents, filling your space with inviting fragrances, all in a mini size. The set conveys heartfelt wishes in a silk wrapping, inspired by the velvety moonlight.





TABLE GUEST - Sweet smelling air to signal start of summer.
Blackcurrant LMR, Freesia, Ivy leaf, Patchouli LMR

PEACE TALK - Comforting words to share at the end of a long day with tenderness.
Blondwood, Sandalwood LMR, Cardamom LMR, Elemi

LAPSANG SONG - Smokiness lingering around a fireplace.
Smoked Tea, Leather, Sandalwood, Cardamom LMR

Spritz into the air or scent indoors and car interiors. Do not spray directly onto food or humans. Make sure to spray at a distance from 20 ~ 30cm.