Perfumers’ Inspiration

Perfumers’ Inspiration
Neroli Dream: The Beginning of a Season of RadianceInterview with the Nose, Juliette Karaguizoglu
I've heard that your fifteen-year-old summer in Tunisia was the inspiration for Neroli Dream.

When I heard about the nonfiction's citrus collection theme, I immediately thought of that summer. It was a time when the sun-warmed streets were filled with the scent of neroli and all the flowers that bloomed alongside it. It was also a powerful time in my personal life journey that led me to choose to become a perfumer, so I can still remember all the sunshine and scents of that summer as vividly as if I were drawing them. Neroli Dream is a fragrance that captures the inspiration of that time." -from the interview

In the fragrance notes, you refer to "the image of a single bitter orange tree condensed into a single bottle".

With Open Arms, I wanted to tell the story behind the bitter orange tree, which hasn't been talked about much in the public domain. In the world of perfumery, the bitter orange is the most generous tree, giving everything it has. One tree yields four precious fragrances: neroli essential oil, orange blossom absolute, orange vigarade essential oil, and petitgrain essential oil. From the delicate floral scent to the freshness of the leaves, to the woody notes of the leaves and branches, every part of the tree's personality is captured in a beautiful fragrance. We wanted to harmonize all of these scents in Open Arms to convey a sense of relaxation and comfort, like being held in the generous embrace of a fragrant tree."-Interview