Scented Candle & Room Spray Mini Duo

60G / 50ML

This is a duo of mini-sized scented candle and room spray with the signature fragrance of NONFICTION's Home Fragrance Collection.

NONFICTION's scented candle in its gracefully elegant Korean porcelain container - baekja, is finished with sophisticated touch of master potters in Korea. All of scented candles are made of soy blend wax with safety and fragrance.
With a perfume-grade pump to spray like mists, the fragrance of the room spray for NONFICTION spreads evenly into the air and invites anyone to catch the subtle variations and lasting clarity of the fragrance.

NONFICTION's Home Fragrance Collection will add layers of sophistication to spaces.

* This product is provided with gift box packaging, so we don't provide additional gift wrapping.

* Shopping bags are available in the ACC category. 

TABLE GUEST - Sweet smelling air to signal start of summer.
Blackcurrant LMR, Freesia, Ivy leaf, Patchouli LMR

PEACE TALK - Comforting words to share at the end of a long day with tenderness.
Blondwood, Sandalwood LMR, Cardamom LMR, Elemi

LAPSANG SONG - Smokiness lingering around a fireplace.
Smoked Tea, Leather, Sandalwood, Cardamom LMR

Scented Candle - Light the candle to burn wax surface evenly. Always keep the wick shorter than 5mm. Use a snuffer to extinguish candle light.
Room Spray - Spritz into the air or scent indoors and car interiors. Do not spray directly onto food or humans. Make sure to spray at a distance from 20 ~ 30cm.