Smokiness lingering around a fireplace. Depth of night depicted with smoked tea leaves, vanilla beans and cardamom. Lapsangsog unveils an imagery of spaces filled with uniqueness and character. Variations of the middle note are unleashed with subtle yet sharp scent of roses, suede accord, and then creaminess of sandalwood to reveal dramatic sensuality, seeping through with time.

Smoked Tea, Leather, Sandalwood, Cardamom LMR

NONFICTION's scented candle in its gracefully elegant Korean porcelain container - baekja, is finished with sophisticated touch of master potters in Korea. Experience serene beauty that is blending quietly with surrounding spaces.


* Shopping bags are available in the ACC category. 

This is a scented candle to enjoy the signature fragrance of home fragrance line from NONFICTION. With the French-born perfumer Domitille Michalon-Bertier being the mastermind behind, NONFICTION's home fragrance collection has been finished with sophistication, making most of natural ingredients from one of the pioneering research institutes with focus on natural fragrances in Grasse, France, LMR.

Light the candle to burn wax surface evenly. Always keep the wick shorter than 5mm. Use a snuffer to extinguish candle light.