Sweet smelling air to signal start of summer. Blackcurrant ripening to purple and breeziness of fresh greens. TABLE GUEST illustrates heart-fluttering moments sprinked with splendidness in any start of wonderful stories. Earthy scent full of moist from bright green vines, blooming scent of freesia, freshness of spearmint shall portray images of summer garden filled with vibrance.

Blackcurrant LMR, Freesia, Ivy leaf, Patchouli LMR

With a perfume-grade pump to spray like mists, the fragrance of the room spray for NONFICTION spreads evenly into the air and invites anyone to catch the subtle variations and lasting clarity of the fragrance.


* Shopping bags are available in the ACC category. 

This is a room spray to enjoy the signature fragrance of home fragrance line from NONFICTION. With the French-born perfumer Domitille Michalon-Bertier being the mastermind behind, NONFICTION's home fragrance collection has been finished with sophistication, making most of natural ingredients from one of the pioneering research institutes with focus on natural fragrances in Grasse, France, LMR.

Spritz into the air or scent indoors and car interiors. Do not spray directly onto food or humans. Make sure to spray at a distance from 20 ~ 30cm.