Introducing the room spray that contains the scent of Long Autumn, created through a collaboration between Fritz Hansen and NONFICTION.

Discover the special edition made with oak wood, the primary material of Fritz Hansen furniture pieces and a symbol of beauty that deepens through all times.

Cardamom | Maple | Oak | Leather

Long Autumn encapsulates the fragrant essence of a contemplative moment on a quiet mountainside enveloped in the crisp late-autumn air.
Beginning with the warming embrace of incense, infused with the spice of cardamom, the fragrance takes you to the deep smokiness of oak and the subtle sweetness of maple accord.
The woody notes cascade through the trees painted with the hues of time, completing a late autumnal landscape. Deep patchouli and smoky vetiver, layered with the passage of time, smoothly intertwine with a leathery note, leaving behind an unforgettable aroma and gently reminding of the season’s delicate touch and lasting impression.


* Shopping bags are available in the ACC category. 

This is a room spray to enjoy the signature fragrance of home fragrance line from NONFICTION. With the French-born perfumer Domitille Michalon-Bertier being the mastermind behind, NONFICTION's home fragrance collection has been finished with sophistication, making most of natural ingredients from one of the pioneering research institutes with focus on natural fragrances in Grasse, France, LMR.

Spritz into the air or scent indoors and car interiors. Do not spray directly onto food or humans. Make sure to spray at a distance from 20 ~ 30cm.